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Meet D.J. Trichrome!

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Frolic Room photo of the week #1

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Posted by: Alyssa

Thanks to Dan Murillo for sharing one of his favorite Frolic Room photos, seen here “dropping knees” with his friend Mark! Looks like a great time! =D

UPDATE: The Nick Hexum Quintet

Posted by: Alyssa

Nick’s first solo project, My Shadow Pages, will be released in less than two weeks! There has been quite a bit of publicity surrounding the release, including the following:

In-depth radio interview with Nick (Boston radio station WXBR)

Lengthy article/interview with Nick regarding his solo project

And, if you haven’t seen it yet:

“Supernatural” lyric video

I highly encourage you to check these out! Can’t wait til October 1!

11-Day Trivia winner!

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Posted by: Alyssa

Thank you all for playing!

The correct answer was: What Do You Do and We Do It Like This.

The first person to answer correctly (the first time) was Brett Travis! Congratulations, Brett…you have won a 311 Pow Wow water bottle! :)

Other people who answered correctly but were just a little too late include: Charles Ballard (had it right the second time – sorry, had to take your first guess!), Alan Day, and Chris Barry.

Tune In October 11 for another chance to win!

11-Day Trivia

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What are the only two “official” b-sides that have been played at “regular” 311 shows, but never at a 311 Day?

Send your answer to!

Don’t forget… 11-Day Trivia today at 3:11 p.m. CST!

Posted by: Alyssa

Think you know 311? Test your knowledge at 3:11 p.m. today! Be the first to email the correct answer to 311paradise [at] and win a 311 prize!

*Also…I have totally slacked this week on posting the Frolic Room pics. I will give you another week to submit yours and will post them next week!

Nick Hexum autographed CD booklets

Posted by: Alyssa

For a limited time only, receive an autographed CD booklet when you pre-order The Nick Hexum Quintet’s new album My Shadow Pages! Available through Newbury Comics, the autographed booklets are limited and will post an update once the autographed booklets are sold out.

This is a nice option to receive a personalized copy, espeically for fans who can’t make it to any of the Nick Hexum Quintet shows this fall.

Order yours today!

“Go” is a GO!

Posted by: Alyssa

During P-Nut’s “Ask Me Anything” chat session on Reddit a little over a week ago, a fan asked, “How come nothing ever happened with the DTOM demo ‘Go?’” P-Nut responded, “GO has been reborn…”

I have been thinking about this ever since, so I decided to ask P-Nut via Twitter if he could share anything more about the re-working of “Go.” He simply said, “I’ll just let you wonder about it.” And to that I say, “Fair enough!” Suspense is a good thing, and I will definitely remain curious to see what they do with the original demo.

Twitter user @HankCL chimed in and asked, “Would you say it is sure to make the album?” To which P-Nut replied, “Totally.”

This is great news! One of my favorite songs of all time, “Long for the Flowers,” was originally an instrumental demo from Transistor called “Grifters.” At the time I first heard “Long for the Flowers,” I had never heard “Grifters” before, and being able to re-trace the origins of such a beloved song was so exciting and interesting!

The situation is basically reversed in terms of “Go” this time around, but I am definitely intrigued as I listen to the demo and wonder how this new and improved version will sound.

Head over to the Audio section (B-sides and Outtakes – Don’t Tread On Me) to check out “Go” if you aren’t already familiar!

Welcome to!

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As many of you may know, I used to run the site To make a long story short, I stopped updating the site for a number of reasons, and by the time I was ready to start up again, I found that someone else had bought the domain! I was upset at first, but quickly realized that this forced change was for the best, and became very excited to start over with a brand new name and design. (Let’s face it – the last site was in need of a MAJOR facelift!)


This new site has many more “modern” features and there are a few recurring “activities” I would like to call to your attention:

1. The four photos at the top of the site are not just random static photos; they are sort of like “ads,” calling your attention to important news or events. To see the content, simply roll over each image with your mouse (or click on the image if you’re on your cell phone or iPad). Some of the ads may have clickable links in them, and some may not.

2. Blog posts/commenting: This is one of the most important aspects of the site! Please jump in and join the discussion whenever possible. IMPORTANT: to comment on a post, you will need to click on the post title. Then, click on the empty comment box, and you will see that you can log in via Twitter, Facebook, or Google, or make a username with DISQUS (very easy!). Let me know if you have any trouble.

3. Weekly Photo Theme: Each week, there will be a different photo theme (e.g., “Frolic Room,” “311 Day 2004,” or “Best Autographed Item.” The theme for the following week will be posted in one of the top “ads.” Email me your best photo for the theme, and each day a different fan photo will be featured on the blog.

4. 11-Day Trivia: I am bringing this back from the old site. On the 11th of every month, at 3:11 p.m. CST, a new trivia question will be posted. Email me your answer, and the first person to guess correctly receives a 311-related prize.

5. ALL ACCESS PASS: Every few weeks or so, I will feature a new interview/article about a notable 311 fan (chosen randomly by myself). You can find an easy link to the featured fan article in one of the top “ad” spots.

6. Poll: A different poll question will be featured about every month or so. Results will be archived on the ETC. page.

7. Audio and videos: All audio and videos are downloadable by right clicking on the text link and selecting “Save target as.” I have heard feedback that videos will not play/download on an iPad; I am working on fixing this.

Although the site you see today is not completely done (I had to come to terms with the fact that it will NEVER be 100% finished!), I am excited to share with you what I have put together so far. I will constantly be adding new audio, videos, photos, and other content, so be sure to check back often. The sections that are mostly ‘blank’ right now are in the works and will hopefully be finished soon!

Thank you so much for checking out the site. I hope you discover something new that makes your day! As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.


Now available on Boston 2013!

Posted by: Alyssa

Wish you could re-live a 2013 311 Summer Unity Tour show? You can now by downloading the audio from the Boston show (7/12/2013) at!

Setlist highlights include “Strong All Along,” “Livin’ & Rockin’,” “Lucky,” “1,2,3,” and “Silver.”

Wish I had been at that show!

P-Nut on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”

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Posted by: Alyssa

P-Nut was featured on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” online chat on August 26, where he answered a ton of fans’ questions. I did not log in at the time, but discovered some pretty interesting info while reading through the chat history today.


Q: What made you guys want to go back to Scotch for the new album? What is it that you enjoy about working with him?
A: SCOTCH is behind the live console making sure every show sounds great, it’s a natural progression to have him at the HIVE (or up at chad’s place) recording our new stuff. But the real breakthrough is how much writing he’s doing, and digging up old stuff and giving us a reason to be badass hehe

Q: Has the 311 cruise replaced fall tours? Those have been my favorite, most intimate shows over the years.
A: seems kind of like that huh? but, no, just taking a break from theaters, we’ll be back. I promise

Q: What is your favorite song to play live?
A: nutsymptom is up there with the rest of my favorites, kind of has it all…spitting lyrics, slap line in the verse, bass solo, guitar solo, drums off the chart…good times

Q: Can you tell us how the new album is going to sound?
A: a little funk, lots of groove, plenty of heavy…I’m stoked for any and all 311 fans, the new shit is fire.

Q: Is there any chance that fans will one day see instrumental versions of past albums?
A: I think instrumental versions of the songs would allow the music geeks to really feel what c/t/and me have put in the songs without all those pesky lyrics, hehe.

Q: How much gas do you think 311 has in the tank, how long do you think you guys will keep touring?
A: good question, easy ten more years, and I don’t see us destructing, maybe just slowing down, living some life outside of the road. But I love traveling the states and seeing the faces and getting paid. hehe. it’s all too fun to ever think of quitting

Q: Why is there no Cruise DVD/BlueRay?
A: cause we’re stupid

Q: How come nothing ever happened with the DTOM demo Go? What I heard was incredible!
A: GO has been reborn…

Q: Hey P-nut how many of the new songs will we hear at 311day2014?
A: probably five or six, I would bet.

Q: I ran across this song on YouTube the other day. And I couldn’t help but notice the bass line is extremely similar to WWIT. Any influence there? Or is it purely coincidental? The song is “Love Games” by Level 42. Not trying to call you out, just legitimately curious!
A: I had a teacher way back in omaha that was obsessed with mark king, taught me the bass line, I’ve tried to play it exactly the same way, but, it always came out a little different (vanilla ice moment, hehe). the band heard me play it so much it found it’s way into a song (or three). his original line is way more swinging than my straight version and he’s an incredible player and writer, I am just an ambitious student with no shame. hehe

Q: Do you have any idea if SA will be rapping a lot more on this new album? You said lyrically that this album is darker too. Any examples of what is so dark about them?
A: it’s not that it’s so…….dark, it just contains that element more than in a typical 311 album. sa has a couple raps that are earth shatteringly cool