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The Nick Hexum Quintet shows announced!

Posted by: Alyssa

The Nick Hexum Quintet will perform three shows at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles throughout the month of October!

Show dates are as follows:

Sunday, October 6 @ 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 13 @ 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 20 @ 8:00 p.m.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 11:00 a.m. PST.

I think I need to go to one of these shows!!

The Nick Hexum Quintet song premiere: “Sideways”

Posted by: Alyssa

The Nick Hexum Quintet premiered another song online today called “Sideways.” Co-written with Sugarcult’s Tim Pagnotta, Nick says the song “started with the title…I always had that title kicking around. It’s like, ‘we can’t go forward, we can’t go backwards, we can only go sideways.’ It was a title with a lot of possibilities.”

In an article posted on this morning, Nick explains the story behind the song’s subject matter: “We started brainstorming a story about one of these girls you see in Los Angeles who come out here to pursue excitement and get caught up in craziness.” Regarding the instrumentation, he says, “musicially, it’s one of the jazzier tracks on the record…it’s a keyboard-oriented song. There’s also piano, Wurlitzer, and a killer solo that’s breathy and in a tenor sax style.”

I like this song a lot! What do you guys think?

Happy sweet 16, Transistor!

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Posted by: Alyssa

Transistor was released 16 years ago today on August 5, 1997. Shifting drastically from the musical style of 311′s triple platinum mainstream breakthrough (“The Blue Album”), Transistor represented the band taking monumental creative risks and stepping away a bit from the rap-rock genre. Nick said, “It’s pretty weird, but give it a shot. It’s not your standard rock music… but there’s enough of that!” Transistor received primarily negative reviews upon release from critics, but over time has solidified its position as a fan favorite and has even received positive critical praise retrospectively.

Watch this MTV interview as Kennedy chats with Nick about Transistor, touring, and more.

Also, be sure to get the DVD of Transistor being played in full live at the 2010 Pow Wow Festival!

2013 311 Unity Tour wrap-up

Posted by: Alyssa

The 2013 311 Summer Unity Tour went by quickly, with 26 shows over the course of just 34 days. 311 played a total of 85 different songs, with an average setlist length of 21.4 songs per night.

The songs played the most over the summer were:

“Applied Science” – 26 times (every show)
“Down” – 26 times (every show)
“All Mixed Up” – 25 times
“Amber” – 24 times
“Creatures (For A While)” – 24 times
“Beautiful Disaster” – 21 times
“Come Original” – 20 times
“Sunset In July” – 18 times

Songs played just once as a special treat for their respective cities included: “Welcome” (Atlanta), “Unity” (Boston), “Hydroponic” (Myrtle Beach), “Taiyed” (Kansas City), “Silver” (Boston), “Salsa” (Philadelphia), “Galaxy” (Virginia Beach), “Jupiter” (Myrtle Beach), “Running” (Lake Charles), “Hey You” (Kansas City), “And A Ways To Go” (Detroit), “Tribute” (Chicago), and “Let The Cards Fall” (San Francisco).

For more 2013 311 Summer Unity Tour stats, click HERE.

P-Nut and wife Abby expecting second child in November!

Posted by: Alyssa

Congratulations to P-Nut and Abby on the impending birth of their second child! I was surprised to discover this news via Twitter yesterday – I had no idea she was pregnant again (obviously)! P-Nut tweeted today that the due date is in mid-November.

Congrats again on the new addition to the Wills family!

New track from The Nick Hexum Quintet, “Blame The Sky”

Posted by: Alyssa

The first official announcement regarding Nick’s solo project, The Nick Hexum Quintet, was made today on! In addition to Nick, the Quintet will also feature Zack Hexum and three other (not yet known at this time) musicians. My Shadow Pages is slated for an October 1 release, but “Blame The Sky” is available to listen to online now!

In the article posted on Yahoo!, Nick said, “I wrote this song with my brother, Zack. We were initially throwing out lines to inspire each other with no particular theme in mind. As we went on, a thread came together. It’s about seizing the day. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. And if you need a reason why — blame the sky!”

I can’t wait to hear the full album…congratulations, Nick!

Tim confirms: new album in the works! [VIDEO]

Posted by: Alyssa

A mini video interview with Tim was just posted by Artisan News Service, wherein Tim confirms the band will be working on new music VERY SOON!

ANS asked Tim when we could expect a new release from 311. He replied, “we’re gettin’ ready to work on a new record actually, so…that’s what we’re gonna do this….winter, now, I guess it is.”

He also said, “maybe it’ll come out sometime the end of next year or something…we don’t really have any plans of when it would come out, but we’re just starting to work on it now.”

When asked if 311 had any new material written for an album, he said “yeah, but nothing that we’ve recorded as the band. So, material, but nothing recorded.

This is great news! I can’t believe the whole process of anticipating another album release is beginning again! As always, with any new 311 project, there are so many questions…what direction will they take this time? Who will produce? How long will the album be? When will we hear any new music, and how will it be released?

SIDENOTE #1: I found it HILARIOUS when Tim said “…so…that’s what we’re gonna do this….winter, now, I guess it is.”

That’s EXACTLY how I felt when I lived in southern California…the weather is always pretty much the same, so you forget what season it is at any given point in the year! I actually caught myself a few times having to think for a second about what month it was, or what season it was, because it all just blends together. I must say I’m really enjoying this blizzard we’re having in Wisconsin right now!

SIDENOTE #2: What’s up with all the super old video coverage? This stuff looks like its from like 2005…haha.

311 granted “2012 Lifetime Achievement Award” from

Posted by: Alyssa

Music news site/blog has granted 311 the “2012 Lifetime Achievement Award!”

The feature article, which highlights the band’s various successes spanning over 20 years, hits the nail on the head:

“311 is not just a talented group of musicians or a phenomenal live touring act, they have become a movement and a lifestyle for legions of fans across the globe. With their celebratory live shows & uplifting albums, 311 have continued to fill the souls of fans with their music for more than 20 years and counting.”

CONGRATULATIONS to 311! Hopefully there are many more awards like this to come for the band!

Nick reveals new music timelines via Twitter!

Posted by: Alyssa

Nick was tweeting pretty actively early this afternoon, so my good friend Ben decided to take advantage of the opportunity and ask him when we can expect some new music.

When asked, “When can we hear new stuff from you and Zack?” Nick responded, “maybe April.” SWEET!!

Ben then tweeted, “Better question. When will u start working on new 311?” Nick responded: “January 3rd.”

This is great news! I am very interested in Nick and Zack’s collaboration project, as I loved the songs they performed together for the Hexum Brothers Rock for Kerry tour in 2004. One of my favorites was a cover of the Beatles’ “Two Of Us.” They also performed a number of songs together for a benefit show in Colorado in 2010 (Candlelight Serenade). You can find a number of videos from that show on YouTube.

It’s also obviously very exciting that new 311 music is in the works for 2013! Now that they are on their own label, the band has talked multiple times about releasing music more regularly, in smaller doses. I wonder if we will see a short EP by the end of 2013…