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New 311 promo pic revealed

Posted by: Alyssa

It looks like 311 is already taking new promo photos…most likely for the new album.
I really like this look!!

It turns out the band’s longtime friend, Brian Bowen Smith, was shooting the photos. Remember the trailer park-looking hick with the bad teeth and cut off jean shorts from ETSD that introduced the band? That’s him! =)

311 Day poll results

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Posted by: Alyssa

Thank you to everyone for voting in the first poll!

The results are in:

How many 311 Day shows have you attended?

0 shows – 2014 will be my first! – 22 votes (12%)
1 show – 31 votes (17%)
2 shows – 36 votes (19%)
3 shows – 36 votes (19%)

4 shows – 22 votes (12%)
5 shows – 15 votes (8%)
6 shows – 11 votes (7%)
7 shows – all of them! – 12 votes (6%)

Total votes: 185

It looks like quite a few of you have been to a couple 311 Day shows already, which is awesome! I must say I am very impressed with the 12 of you that have been to all seven so far – I’m jealous!

2014 will be my 6th 311 Day celebration, and I can’t wait to go back to New Orleans. See you there!


Posted by: Alyssa

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Sorry for the late post, but I just received a rare recording of the 1999 Halloween show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA, that I am now ready to share. Many thanks to Terri Sapp for providing this extremely rare recording! It’s awesome to hear rarities like “Rollin’” and their cover of “Sweet Child of Mine” at such a historic show!

Below is a picture of the poster from this show:

I did a little research and compiled a list of all of 311′s past Halloween shows:

10/31/1995 – Georgia Theater, Athens, GA

10/31/1997 – The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

10/31/1999 – The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

10/31/2000 – The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

10/31/2001 – Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA

10/31/2003 – Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL

10/31/2005 – Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA

10/31/2010 – Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA

However, Nick shared an interesting tidbit of information on Twitter today. He said:

I wonder if there is a photo of me dressed up as Courtney Love in a baby doll dress for Halloween in ’95 in Baton Rouge. Opened w miss world

This is relevant because the first recorded 311 Halloween show in the setlist database is noted as having taken place in 1995.

Nick responded a little while later to someone saying that the show he was referencing must have been in 1994 or 1996 instead. I think it must have been 1994, since there is a pretty comprehensive list of shows in the setlist database for 1996.

Happy 311 Halloween Week: Day 3

Posted by: Alyssa

Sorry for posting this so late in the day, but today’s 311 Halloween show download is live from the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA, way back in 1997! As far as I know, this was only 311′s second Halloween show (the first being in Athens, GA, in 1995).

This show features an excellent setlist, as well as rare improv performances from both Nick and SA (covering Billie Holiday’s “All of Me” and “Detour Ahead,” respectively).

Be sure to check out the videos on the show page as well! Enjoy!

Happy 311 Halloween Week: Day 2

Posted by: Alyssa

Today’s Halloween show download is from the 2010 show in Atlanta, GA. 311 played the Music album in full, followed by another set of both rarities and classics. I wish I could have made it to this show, but at least we have the audio recording to help us feel like we were there! =D

New ALL ACCESS PASS: Meet 311 super fan Gus Chavez!

Posted by: Alyssa

I am excited to present the second installment of ALL ACCESS PASS, featuring Gus Chavez!

Gus has quite a story to tell – read all about his journey as a 311 fan HERE!

Enjoy, and be sure to leave any comments you’d like for Gus on the page!

11-Day Trivia Winner!

Posted by: Alyssa

Congratulations to Sean McGinnis, the winner of October’s 11-Day Trivia!

Sean was the first to email me with a correct answer of “8:16 a.m.,” “Sweet,” and “Give Me A Call.”

Nice work! That was quick!

Sean has won a 311 Day 2010 commemorative book. Just email me your shipping address! =D

All 311 songs (that I have found, so far) that include a mention of “flower” or “flowers” in the lyrics include:

“8:16 a.m.” – “Stranger flowers yet, there will never come a day that will ever regret;” “Stranger flowers still, if you’re gonna wanna go another day I will”
“Applied Science” – “Are you a flower or more like a high rise tower”
“Fuck the Bullshit” (Dammit version) – “And in your mind, my rap rhyme is bloomin like a flower”
“Give Me A Call” – “I miss and think of you often, no flowers I forgot them”
“Golden Sunlight” – “But you helped me face the songs and the flowers;” “A golden sunlit path I’ve been after, grass hills, wildflowers”
“Hydroponic” – “I’m a wildflower bustin’ out I go boom”
“Long for the Flowers” – “You said you long for the flowers that you remember”
“Slinky” – “I’m all about the females, the women, the jewels of this world, those flowers like that slinky girl”
“Sweet” – “Through the sweetness on the ground, the sweetness of the flowers”

Honorable mention: “Daisy Cutter,” though the actual word “flower” is never used.

Special thanks to our runners-up who also guessed correctly:

Alan Day
Chris Barry
Julie Feeley
Anthony Vallario
Dan Murillo
Robb Posch
Ryan Harris
John Leslie

I don’t know why, but this recurring use of “flower(s)” in 311 lyrics has always been very interesting to me. I’m determined to get to the bottom of it…more on this topic coming soon!! :)

11-Day Trivia

Posted by: Alyssa

October question:

Excluding “Long for the Flowers,” name 3 different 311 songs in which “flower” or “flowers” are mentioned as part of the lyrical content.

E-mail your answer to 311paradise [at] to win a 311-related prize!


The Nick Hexum Quintet album is on sale TODAY!

Posted by: Alyssa

Be sure to pick up The Nick Hexum Quintet’s debut album, My Shadow Pages, TODAY! The album is now available on iTunes, and in select stores such as Best Buy.

I can’t wait to get my copy tonight!