During P-Nut’s “Ask Me Anything” chat session on Reddit a little over a week ago, a fan asked, “How come nothing ever happened with the DTOM demo ‘Go?’” P-Nut responded, “GO has been reborn…”

I have been thinking about this ever since, so I decided to ask P-Nut via Twitter if he could share anything more about the re-working of “Go.” He simply said, “I’ll just let you wonder about it.” And to that I say, “Fair enough!” Suspense is a good thing, and I will definitely remain curious to see what they do with the original demo.

Twitter user @HankCL chimed in and asked, “Would you say it is sure to make the album?” To which P-Nut replied, “Totally.”

This is great news! One of my favorite songs of all time, “Long for the Flowers,” was originally an instrumental demo from Transistor called “Grifters.” At the time I first heard “Long for the Flowers,” I had never heard “Grifters” before, and being able to re-trace the origins of such a beloved song was so exciting and interesting!

The situation is basically reversed in terms of “Go” this time around, but I am definitely intrigued as I listen to the demo and wonder how this new and improved version will sound.

Head over to the Audio section (B-sides and Outtakes – Don’t Tread On Me) to check out “Go” if you aren’t already familiar!