Congratulations to Sean McGinnis, the winner of October’s 11-Day Trivia!

Sean was the first to email me with a correct answer of “8:16 a.m.,” “Sweet,” and “Give Me A Call.”

Nice work! That was quick!

Sean has won a 311 Day 2010 commemorative book. Just email me your shipping address! =D

All 311 songs (that I have found, so far) that include a mention of “flower” or “flowers” in the lyrics include:

“8:16 a.m.” – “Stranger flowers yet, there will never come a day that will ever regret;” “Stranger flowers still, if you’re gonna wanna go another day I will”
“Applied Science” – “Are you a flower or more like a high rise tower”
“Fuck the Bullshit” (Dammit version) – “And in your mind, my rap rhyme is bloomin like a flower”
“Give Me A Call” – “I miss and think of you often, no flowers I forgot them”
“Golden Sunlight” – “But you helped me face the songs and the flowers;” “A golden sunlit path I’ve been after, grass hills, wildflowers”
“Hydroponic” – “I’m a wildflower bustin’ out I go boom”
“Long for the Flowers” – “You said you long for the flowers that you remember”
“Slinky” – “I’m all about the females, the women, the jewels of this world, those flowers like that slinky girl”
“Sweet” – “Through the sweetness on the ground, the sweetness of the flowers”

Honorable mention: “Daisy Cutter,” though the actual word “flower” is never used.

Special thanks to our runners-up who also guessed correctly:

Alan Day
Chris Barry
Julie Feeley
Anthony Vallario
Dan Murillo
Robb Posch
Ryan Harris
John Leslie

I don’t know why, but this recurring use of “flower(s)” in 311 lyrics has always been very interesting to me. I’m determined to get to the bottom of it…more on this topic coming soon!! :)