A mini video interview with Tim was just posted by Artisan News Service, wherein Tim confirms the band will be working on new music VERY SOON!

ANS asked Tim when we could expect a new release from 311. He replied, “we’re gettin’ ready to work on a new record actually, so…that’s what we’re gonna do this….winter, now, I guess it is.”

He also said, “maybe it’ll come out sometime the end of next year or something…we don’t really have any plans of when it would come out, but we’re just starting to work on it now.”

When asked if 311 had any new material written for an album, he said “yeah, but nothing that we’ve recorded as the band. So, material, but nothing recorded.

This is great news! I can’t believe the whole process of anticipating another album release is beginning again! As always, with any new 311 project, there are so many questions…what direction will they take this time? Who will produce? How long will the album be? When will we hear any new music, and how will it be released?

SIDENOTE #1: I found it HILARIOUS when Tim said “…so…that’s what we’re gonna do this….winter, now, I guess it is.”

That’s EXACTLY how I felt when I lived in southern California…the weather is always pretty much the same, so you forget what season it is at any given point in the year! I actually caught myself a few times having to think for a second about what month it was, or what season it was, because it all just blends together. I must say I’m really enjoying this blizzard we’re having in Wisconsin right now!

SIDENOTE #2: What’s up with all the super old video coverage? This stuff looks like its from like 2005…haha.