Nick was tweeting pretty actively early this afternoon, so my good friend Ben decided to take advantage of the opportunity and ask him when we can expect some new music.

When asked, “When can we hear new stuff from you and Zack?” Nick responded, “maybe April.” SWEET!!

Ben then tweeted, “Better question. When will u start working on new 311?” Nick responded: “January 3rd.”

This is great news! I am very interested in Nick and Zack’s collaboration project, as I loved the songs they performed together for the Hexum Brothers Rock for Kerry tour in 2004. One of my favorites was a cover of the Beatles’ “Two Of Us.” They also performed a number of songs together for a benefit show in Colorado in 2010 (Candlelight Serenade). You can find a number of videos from that show on YouTube.

It’s also obviously very exciting that new 311 music is in the works for 2013! Now that they are on their own label, the band has talked multiple times about releasing music more regularly, in smaller doses. I wonder if we will see a short EP by the end of 2013…