The Nick Hexum Quintet premiered another song online today called “Sideways.” Co-written with Sugarcult’s Tim Pagnotta, Nick says the song “started with the title…I always had that title kicking around. It’s like, ‘we can’t go forward, we can’t go backwards, we can only go sideways.’ It was a title with a lot of possibilities.”

In an article posted on this morning, Nick explains the story behind the song’s subject matter: “We started brainstorming a story about one of these girls you see in Los Angeles who come out here to pursue excitement and get caught up in craziness.” Regarding the instrumentation, he says, “musicially, it’s one of the jazzier tracks on the record…it’s a keyboard-oriented song. There’s also piano, Wurlitzer, and a killer solo that’s breathy and in a tenor sax style.”

I like this song a lot! What do you guys think?