2013 311 Unity Tour wrap-up

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Posted by: Alyssa

The 2013 311 Summer Unity Tour went by quickly, with 26 shows over the course of just 34 days. 311 played a total of 85 different songs, with an average setlist length of 21.4 songs per night.

The songs played the most over the summer were:

“Applied Science” – 26 times (every show)
“Down” – 26 times (every show)
“All Mixed Up” – 25 times
“Amber” – 24 times
“Creatures (For A While)” – 24 times
“Beautiful Disaster” – 21 times
“Come Original” – 20 times
“Sunset In July” – 18 times

Songs played just once as a special treat for their respective cities included: “Welcome” (Atlanta), “Unity” (Boston), “Hydroponic” (Myrtle Beach), “Taiyed” (Kansas City), “Silver” (Boston), “Salsa” (Philadelphia), “Galaxy” (Virginia Beach), “Jupiter” (Myrtle Beach), “Running” (Lake Charles), “Hey You” (Kansas City), “And A Ways To Go” (Detroit), “Tribute” (Chicago), and “Let The Cards Fall” (San Francisco).

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