The last poll question has been up forever…so I decided it was time to finally pull it and post a new one. The latest poll asked:

If you could hear any album played in its entirety, which would you choose?

A total of 303 people voted, yielding the below results. It’s interesting that Transistor was still the top choice, even though it was played in full at the Pow Wow Festival in 2011! Grassroots came in second, and hopefully 311 will play this album in full at the upcoming Grassroots Festival in Omaha. I really hope so, as I have never seen a full album show!

I’m personally hoping for a Blue album show in the near future. Maybe next summer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album…!!

Transistor – 22% (68 votes)

Grassroots – 21% (63 votes)

Soundsystem – 20% (61 votes)

311 (Blue) – 11% (33 votes)

Music – 11% (32 votes)

From Chaos – 9% (27 votes)

Uplifter – 3% (8 votes)

Evolver – 2% (6 votes)

Don’t Tread On Me – 1% (3 votes)

Universal Pulse – 0% (2 votes)