I can’t believe it! I’m SOO happy! I just found out that Nick mentioned 311paradise.com in an interview with OC Weekly that was just published this morning!! Here is the snippet from the article, which can be found on page 3 of the story:

Is it weird to have fans follow you so closely, or is it refreshing to feel like they’re so involved?

I’m just so glad that there’s such an interest and that there are [311] historians. We’re definitely glad when we see stuff like that. There’s 311paradise.com, which is just an endless archive of odds and ends, and it’s as cool for me to go look at, as it is for fans, and we definitely are grateful for those kinds of people.

I’m still in shock! I did tell Nick about my site when I talked to him after the Nick Hexum Quintet show in LA back in October, but I didn’t think he’d remember. I have also included him on a few tweets from the 311paradise account, but wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen them. Either way…it makes me so happy to know that he has looked at the site and had something positive to say about it! It’s moments like these that make all the hard work worth it!

Thanks, Nick! =D