Exactly 12 years ago today, 311 played a brief free outdoor show at Block 37 in downtown Chicago. I wasn’t there, so I can’t remember if this was planned, or if it was more of a last-minute surprise type of deal, but luckily, my friend Dusty from high school–who got me into 311!–was there to record video of the entire performance!!

These videos are very special to me as they were some of the first live 311 performances I ever watched, and the first actual videos I obtained. I wish I would have known about this show, because I’m sure I would have gone down to Chicago to see it for myself–but at this point, I had only seen 311 TWO TIMES and wasn’t following their every move the way I soon would!

Either way, these videos are great and it’s fun to go back in time to the days when Evolver was only three months old. Enjoy!

10/21/2003 – Block 37 free outdoor mini-show / Chicago, IL


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