Radio interviews and Loveline

Below are some live on-air interviews with band members (more coming soon!) as well as the recordings of when Nick and P-Nut appeared on Loveline.

I was lucky enough to get through to Nick and ask him some questions about “dating in his 30′s” in 2006 (I start talking to him at the 1:04 mark). I also got through in 2011, but I have yet to get a copy of that recording!

Nick Hexum on Loveline – 9/18/2002

Q101 (Chicago) interview with Nick Hexum & P-Nut – Summer 2003

Nick Hexum on Loveline – 2/13/2006

Nick Hexum on Loveline – 2/14/2008

WJFK (106.7) “The Fan” (Washington, D.C.) interview with P-Nut – 7/16/2008

105.7 “The Point” (St. Louis) interview with P-Nut – 2009

Q101 (Chicago) interview with Nick Hexum – 4/7/2009