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150th Show / Under Construction

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Posted by: Alyssa

Hello out there! Needless to say, it’s been a while since I’ve updated (or even visited) this site, but with my 150th show approaching on September 6 in Chicago, I was inspired to update the My Tour page with the shows I’ve attended in the past few years!

I’ve also been in talks for some time now with a very cool 311 fan about adding a TON of rare audio downloads and photos to the site. Once I’m done traveling in early September, I’ll be digging in to the many untapped archives of content that has yet to make its way onto this site. Stay tuned! <3

Free Show at Block 37 in Downtown Chicago–12 Years Ago TODAY!

Posted by: Alyssa

Exactly 12 years ago today, 311 played a brief free outdoor show at Block 37 in downtown Chicago. I wasn’t there, so I can’t remember if this was planned, or if it was more of a last-minute surprise type of deal, but luckily, my friend Dusty from high school–who got me into 311!–was there to record video of the entire performance!!

These videos are very special to me as they were some of the first live 311 performances I ever watched, and the first actual videos I obtained. I wish I would have known about this show, because I’m sure I would have gone down to Chicago to see it for myself–but at this point, I had only seen 311 TWO TIMES and wasn’t following their every move the way I soon would!

Either way, these videos are great and it’s fun to go back in time to the days when Evolver was only three months old. Enjoy!

10/21/2003 – Block 37 free outdoor mini-show / Chicago, IL


Beautiful Disaster
Reconsider Everything
Crack the Code
Offbeat Bareass
All Mixed Up
Other Side of Things
Creatures (For A While)

25th Anniversary Show in Omaha

Posted by: Alyssa

Last night in Omaha was indescribably amazing!! Huge review, pics, and videos coming soon! Still in awe…

Poll results!

Posted by: Alyssa

The last poll question has been up forever…so I decided it was time to finally pull it and post a new one. The latest poll asked:

If you could hear any album played in its entirety, which would you choose?

A total of 303 people voted, yielding the below results. It’s interesting that Transistor was still the top choice, even though it was played in full at the Pow Wow Festival in 2011! Grassroots came in second, and hopefully 311 will play this album in full at the upcoming Grassroots Festival in Omaha. I really hope so, as I have never seen a full album show!

I’m personally hoping for a Blue album show in the near future. Maybe next summer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album…!!

Transistor – 22% (68 votes)

Grassroots – 21% (63 votes)

Soundsystem – 20% (61 votes)

311 (Blue) – 11% (33 votes)

Music – 11% (32 votes)

From Chaos – 9% (27 votes)

Uplifter – 3% (8 votes)

Evolver – 2% (6 votes)

Don’t Tread On Me – 1% (3 votes)

Universal Pulse – 0% (2 votes)


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Posted by: Alyssa

….IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first time I’ve ever listened to a leak, but I couldn’t help myself…..needless to say, I’m going a little nuts over here listening to track after track of golden AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!! I don’t even know where to start now, but all I can say is today/tonight was utterly magical, and a new door to the world of 311 has been opened!!!!!!! Can’t wait to give a full review tomorrow. In summary, “Ebb and Flow” and “The Great Divide” are extremely epic. Wow. Can’t wait to expand on this tomorrow. 311 IS BACK!!!!!!!!! <3

13 days and counting…my 311 Day 2014 wishlist!

Posted by: Alyssa

It’s almost here…311 Day 2014 is right around the corner! I still can’t get used to seeing “311 Day 2014” everywhere – it’s hard to believe my first 311 Day was 10 years ago already! It feels like just yesterday that my friend Erik and I drove all the way down to New Orleans from Wisconsin for one of the most memorable trips of my life. I will never forget the insane amount of energy and excitement on Bourbon Street, and the experience of an epic five hour-long concert! I was blown away!

There are so many things to think about when it comes to 311 Day – especially this year, with the new album dropping on the same day. But, I’ve found myself daydreaming about the show quite a bit lately, and decided to put together my ultimate 311 Day show wishlist of songs. I would usually say, “I know some of these are not possible,” but, after being surprised with songs like “Time is Precious,” “Firewater,” “Down South,” “This Too Shall Pass,” and many other rarities, I honestly think that anything can happen!

I originally planned to keep my list to five songs, but I couldn’t quite do it. So, these are the top ten gems I’m hoping to hear at 311 Day 2014:

1. LONG FOR THE FLOWERS – I fell in love with this song instantly, the very first time I heard it. I could go on and on about why, but I’ll spare the details here! In short, the guitar parts are simply beautiful, and I love how they contrast with the vocal melodies. The lyrics touch me deeply as well, and I just feel, overall, that this song is incredibly unique, mature, and emotional…it casts a spell over me every time, no matter how many times I hear it. I have also always found it particularly intriguing since it began as an instrumental, with lyrics added years later. I was CRUSHED to have missed it on the 3rd 311 Caribbean Cruise, so I hope I get a second chance this 311 Day!

2. WHAT DO YOU DO – I’ve liked this song for a long time now, but have become quite obsessed with it over the past year or two. It has SO much energy, and doesn’t stop! The guitar parts are so awesome! Both Tim and Chad really shine on this song. The lyrics are also pretty interesting…I often wonder who/what inspired this song, and what might have driven Nick to write about this subject. Not to mention, it hasn’t been played since 2002!

3. ANYTHING ACOUSTIC – I’ve been saying this forever…I am DYING to see an acoustic performance by 311. Ever since hearing “I’ll Be Here Awhile” acoustic – and loving it, as well as a few rare live acoustic radio performances you can listen to HERE – I have been hoping to hear more acoustic from 311. I’m not saying I want them to start doing an acoustic set at every show by any means, but a mini live performance at something like 311 Day would be so amazing! Why? For me, hearing songs acoustic shows the versatility of the music and provides another perspective; another way to experience the core of the song, in its simplest form. I just hope it happens someday!

4. WE DO IT LIKE THIS – I’ve always loved this From Chaos b-side, since I heard it on the bonus CD that came with ETSD2. It’s just a really fun song that I’ve always wanted to hear live, and I always loved the line, “That’s where we grow the gems, the pearls…” Whenever this song comes on, I always think about hearing it at the 311 Day Fan Party in New Orleans in 2004 for some reason, and how excited I was…so it would be especially cool if they played it this year back in NOLA! This song is also a major rarity, not played since 2002!

5. DAMN – This song would be sooo epic to see live!! Mainly because the lyrics are so much more fitting for a 20-year old Nick, and it would be pretty amusing to hear him sing this now. “No thank you ma’am, BITCH!” Come on! Who doesn’t want to see this?! It hasn’t been played since 1997!


6. ROLLIN’ – I’m SO sad I missed this at the Pow Wow Festival in 2011! I’ve always wanted to see this live, mostly for the same reasons I want to see “Damn”… It would be such a sweet throwback experience!

7. PUSH IT AWAY – This super old song from the Dammit! album is so awesome! I love the chorus, and I think this song would translate really well live – it doesn’t even sound “old!” Random note: I’ve always thought the “Just push it away” part always sounded like Art Alexakis from Everclear for some reason.

8. BORDERS – I believe I’ve only heard this once – in Kansas City in the fall of 2009 – and it was nothing short of magical. I’ve wanted to see it live again soo bad ever since!!

9. DREAMLAND – This instrumental is so perfect and has always been one of my favorites…I would kill to hear it live, but I’m sure the chances are slim to none.

10. PARADISE – I’ve seen this song plenty of times, but I would love to hear it at 311 Day just to celebrate the new website and the fact that Nick mentioned it recently. Besides all that, it’s a great song, and one that has always been near and dear to my heart!

Well, that wraps it up. No matter what 311 plays, the show is going to be amazing!

Only 13 days til show day!! I can’t wait!

Nick mentions in OC Weekly interview!

Posted by: Alyssa

I can’t believe it! I’m SOO happy! I just found out that Nick mentioned in an interview with OC Weekly that was just published this morning!! Here is the snippet from the article, which can be found on page 3 of the story:

Is it weird to have fans follow you so closely, or is it refreshing to feel like they’re so involved?

I’m just so glad that there’s such an interest and that there are [311] historians. We’re definitely glad when we see stuff like that. There’s, which is just an endless archive of odds and ends, and it’s as cool for me to go look at, as it is for fans, and we definitely are grateful for those kinds of people.

I’m still in shock! I did tell Nick about my site when I talked to him after the Nick Hexum Quintet show in LA back in October, but I didn’t think he’d remember. I have also included him on a few tweets from the 311paradise account, but wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen them. Either way…it makes me so happy to know that he has looked at the site and had something positive to say about it! It’s moments like these that make all the hard work worth it!

Thanks, Nick! =D

More new shows added

Posted by: Alyssa

It looks like it still hasn’t officially been announced yet, but 311 has a show scheduled for Tuesday, May 6, at Piere’s in Fort Wayne, IN! I’m SO excited they’re going back to this venue – I saw them there post-311 Day in 2008 and it was definitely a memorable show! The venue was small, I had a big group of great friends there, and it was my first time hearing “The Continuous Life” up close and personal (they had just debuted it at 311 Day 2008 a few weeks earlier)! It was also the first time I went on 311′s bus after the show, which was definitely a milestone!

It looks like there is also a show scheduled on May 7 at the Louisville Palace Theatre. Also, another festival show was added last week near Detroit on Wednesday, July 9.

Head over to (or the Shows page here) for a full list of tour dates!

I can’t wait to see who the opener is for the summer tour…hopefully they announce it at 311 Day!

311 to headline Grassroots Music Festival in Omaha!

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Posted by: Alyssa

JUST ANNOUNCED: 311 to headline the “Grassroots Music Festvial” in Omaha on Saturday, July 12 – on the 20th anniversary of Grassroots!!

The Grassroots Music festival is a brand new, all-local-bands music festival in Omaha. The only other act confirmed at this time is D.J. Trichrome; the full lineup will be released at a later date. The festival will take place at 3:11 p.m. at River’s Edge Park in Council Bluffs, IA. TICKETS GO ON SALE ON 3/11!!

BONUS: The Hive Rock Club and Gallery, a 311-themed bar, will also host pre-parties on July 10 and 11, featuring bands that have performed on past 311 Caribbean Cruises.

This sounds AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait for this show!!! I wonder what the chances are of them playing Grassroots in its entirety?!

Read the full article printed in the Omaha World-Herald HERE.

ALL ACCESS PASS: Meet D.J. Trichrome!

Posted by: Alyssa

It’s been a while…but I am excited to share the next installment of ALL ACCESS PASS featuring D.J. Trichrome! He’s been a regular on the 311 scene for a few years now, but where did he come from? READ ON to find out!